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Artist residency in Italy

In August of 2018, I had the pleasure of participating in an artist residency in Brescia, Italy, at a place called Palazzo Monti.

I spent 18 days in a 13th century palazzo filled with beautiful frescoes, and had the opportunity to connect with a wonderful group of artists from all around the world.

Sun-drenched days were filled with painting, staring at the spectacular fresco on my studio ceiling, and enjoying the museums and restaurants of northern Italy.

Since Brescia is on a high-speed train line joining Torino to Venezia, I had the chance to visit a few places nearby: Verona, Venezia, Lago di Garda. For a few weeks, I was able to step outside my regular life, to explore with fresh eyes, and to move forward with inspiration.

Looking back, I can see how the colours of Italy have seeped into my work.

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