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Shifting Boundaries - a new series

Toward the end of 2016, I painted over an old canvas with gesso. There were still marks left behind from the underpainting, and I followed them along, to see where they would lead. After applying some layers of acrylic and finding the right balance, I used conte to outline some loosely defined figures. This emerging of the figure in an otherwise abstract piece sparked a fire in my mind, and more paintings ensued. A new series was born, one where I play with the fluidity of shapes and figures, and explore shifting boundaries.

This was my process for the first piece of the Shifting Boundaries series.

The completed painting:

Shifting Boundaries completed painting

Corner details are always nice.

Studio shot:

Studio shot

I used a similar process on wood, keeping the paint more watery than usual, although the texture was very different from that of canvas. This next painting came out like a drawing, and again, some fluid hidden figures emerged. I resisted the temptation to make the surface too busy and to cover it with many colours, and kept a lot of white in the composition.

Some details from the work in progress:

The completed painting:

Shifting Boundaries #2 painting

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