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Working large

Now that I am working out of a home studio, I have begun painting on large, unstretched canvas, and it's exhilirating. Using my whole arm and body to create brushstrokes makes the act of painting so much more physical.

I bought several rolls of 6 ft x 6 ft unprimed canvas, stapled it to the wall, and primed it with gesso. For my first painting, I used white gesso, and sanded the surface between applying each coat.

I worked quickly, especially since acrylic paint dries fast and I like the effects of drips and blending right on the canvas. Working fast and intuitively is also a way to turn off the thinking (critical) mind.

I titled this one 'You Can Get There From Here.'

Some detail shots:

For my next canvas, I used clear gesso. I wanted to keep the natural colour of the canvas visible in my painting, and I liked the contrast with white paint.

I also focused more on mark making, and smooth washes of paint alongside more detailed, thicker marks of paint. As this painting evolved, with the application of violet and green, it started to look like a garden. It became reminiscent of a lush springtime garden, with intertwining tree branches and hanging vines.

I titled this one 'Traces of Me.'

While it's good practice to step back from the canvas and look at it from a distance, I also love getting right up close to see all the marks and imperfections.

Some detail shots:

My third large canvas is still a work in progress.

It's titled 'The Illusion of Control.'

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