Reaching the halfway point

June 12, 2016

Building up to and passing the halfway point of the 100 Day Project. What an exhilirating learning experience it's been! Producing work every single day has sparked my creativity, and has opened me up to exploring different techniques and styles.


In this set (one of my favourites), I tried to explore movement through a combination of lines and marks and fluid gestures. I love the combination of blues and greys, a colour palette I return to often.


 These next pieces were pure play with acrylic, palette knife, and conte. I think they are reminiscent of rock surfaces, and I tried exploring different shades from the same colour family to achieve similar effects.


Finally, in these last two pieces I focused on gestural mark-making (I love Cy Twombly's wok). With no preset expectations in mind I let the marks dictate the composition. I think this is an area of exploration I will continue to be absorbed in.




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