A visual language

May 27, 2016

I've been thinking a lot about language that is not expressed through words. Gestures, colours, objects, sounds; there is such a richness in the way we can express ourselves. I speak three languages   and I am drawn to painting, which I consider an additional language. The act of putting paint on a surface is is also a way of speaking, of showing our emotions, our fears, our thoughts. We combine certain colours and shapes together. Why do we do it this way? It's all been said and done before, and yet, each person expresses herself in a unique way. The way different kinds of music make me think of different kinds of painting styles. I love trying to unearth the parallels, the roots of things.


The wonderful thing about this 100 day project is not only seeing the daily evolution of the work, but the experimentation, the discovery, and the building of layers that will ultimately influence the rest of my work.





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