April 29, 2016


I have turned my focus to painting for some portion of every day, and have dived into the 100 day project.

This was started by Elle Luna a year ago, and features a wonderful community of artists on Instagram. All you have to do is create something and post it every day. The challenge of showing up every day, and posting no matter what the outcome got me hooked.

We are now into the second week and it’s forced me to become more organized. Sometimes being accountable for something (even if just to one’s self) unleashes hidden creativity. Working and experimenting on these smaller paintings on paper is opening up new ideas for my bigger abstract paintings.

The hardest part is blocking internal criticism. Sometimes, I find I have to trick my mind by telling myself that it’s just an experiment, the piece I’m working on is just for figuring out first layers, and it doesn’t have to count. That’s when the good stuff starts to happen.

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